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There’s something distinctly British about Natural Assembly’s sound, and Cannon said that when he started Natural Assembly he was listening to a lot of British pop and industrial music: Strawberry Switchblade and They Go Boom !!, Fad Gadget and Human League. In Cannon’s words, “I wanted to do something that was an amalgamation of all this British sound.” The result is sometimes droning, often militant, and always a bit surreal — with pop sensibilities.

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The National Assembly can have up to 50 MPs. Fifty deputies are elected by popular vote to serve four-year terms. Members of the cabinet also sit in the parliament as deputies. The constitution limits the size of the cabinet to 16, and at least one member of the cabinet must be an elected MP. The cabinet ministers have the same rights as the elected MPs, with the following two exceptions: they do not participate in the work of committees, and they cannot vote when an interpolation leads to a no-confidence vote against one of the cabinet members.

Natural Assembly - Arms Of DepartureNatural Assembly - Arms Of DepartureNatural Assembly - Arms Of DepartureNatural Assembly - Arms Of Departure